Master of International Business

Master of International Business

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Master of International Business

Is a general programme with a particular focus on the international aspects of management needed in today’s business world
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Dirigido a: The Master in International Business in Spain (MIB) is a general programme with a particular focus on the international aspects of management needed in today’s business world. The programme integrates studies in all of the areas of business activity in a quest to develop the most reliable policies and strategies that successfully achieve the objectives of a company in an international environment. The MIB is underpinned by the four fundamental elements of a successful international business education, crucial for establishing roles in today’s multinational and multicultural firms involved in the constantly evolving world of global business: Functional methods and techniques; Personal development; The importance of strategic information decision-making; Creativity and innovation.

Requisitos: The main objective of the admissions process is to ensure the suitability of the candidates for the programme, by looking at their professional experience and their academic background.

Our aim is for all participants to make the most of the experience we offer through a context in which they may develop a long-term relationship with classmates, lecturers and alumni.

In order to start the admissions process, it is necessary to fill in the form so that EAE’s Academic Committee can consider their application. If the decision issued by the Academic Committee for the programme requested is positive, the candidate can complete their registration for the programme.

Para qué te prepara: The main objectives of the MIB are:

1.EFFICIENT MANAGEMENT: The rapid changes in the business world require the most up-to-date methodology and techniques for our students so that they can become effective and competitive managers.

2.PROCESS OF CHANGE: Economic, social and technological changes affect the organizational structure of companies. Technological advances, improvements in communication and the development of emerging economies have led to greater competition in western countries, which requires adaptation to new situations and new management tools.

3.INTERNATIONAL COMPETITIVENESS: In the world of business, executives must adjust their frame of reference without losing touch with their own values and culture. Specialists and generalists alike understand that competitiveness is a necessary condition, though it is not the only requirement for the survival of a company.

4.EFFECTIVE EXECUTIVE TRAINING: MIB’s overall objective is to train leaders who are able to evolve at the heart of complex international markets, capable of inducing and managing flexibility and reactive changes to new technologies, the emergence of new markets and social evolution, as well as being open-minded, receptive, capable of communicating and being creative.

Certificado: Participants who successfully complete the programme wil receive the qualification of Master of International Business from EAE Business School. Besides, students who fulfill the academic requirements established will obtain the Master of International Business & Management degree from Universitat Politécnica de Catalunya (if studying in Barcelona) or the Máster Universitario en Negocios Internacionales degree from Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (if studying in Madrid).

In order to receive the qualifications granted by EAE and the University, participants must fulfil the requirements stipulated by these institutions.

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    Contenido del curso Master of International Business


    Introduction to Business Organization

    The purpose of this course is to learn key factors of functional and general management, and apply it to the diagnosis and solution of business problems that require an integrated system-wide approach. Our goals include the development of critical thinking skills, acquiring the ability to work collaboratively, and honing the art of applying theoretical concepts to actual business situations.

    • Organization and Business Administration.
    • Quantitative tecnniques for business.

    Environment and Global Markets

    This subject involves an analysis of the economic indicators that allow us to analyze the environment in which the company moves, or the markets in which it wants to penetrate, in order to make the right decision. Another important factor to consider when deciding to enter a given market is their legal and tax framework. It also analyzes in depth, the markets for the purposes of marketing and sales.

    • Current socio-economic context.
    • Marketing and commercialization in international environments.

    People Management

    In this area we will perform the best composition of human resources of the company, defining jobs and evaluate them based on study skills. The program also involves the training of leaders, where the student must learn and internalize various skills that take him/her to become a successful professional.

    • Intellectual capital and talent management.
    • Management skills.

    International Management

    The subjects pretends to analyze the financial and technical aspects for taking better decisions, both to undertake new projects or businesses, or to initiate internationalization processes.

    • Financial management.
    • Information technological management.
    • International financial risk management

    Corporate Internationalisation

    The subject pretends to familiarize the Student with the strategies for internationalizing companies, taking into account the region cultural differences, for an appropriate decision-making. A business game is also included, for simulations about the decision made and its consequences.

    • Global strategic management.
    • Corporate internationalization.


    The course provides students with the experience of carrying out a major piece of research, enabling them to draw on the knowledge and skills gained throughout the course, while providing them with an opportunity to demonstrate their intellectual and practical capacities to potential employers.

    Drafting an International Business Plan is a key element of the MIB programme. In its development, participants must consider the influence of various functional areas on the viability of a future business project and define the future business strategy, as well as designing the implementation of the business policies they consider necessary to achieve the short-term and long-term objectives of the corporation.

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