Master in Human Resource

Master in Human Resource

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Cursos de EAE Business School
  • Matrícula abierta
  • 60 ECTS. 10 month
  • Presencial
  • Master
  • España
  • Todas
  • Español, Inglés

Dirigido a: Through our Master in Human Resources & Talent Development in Barcelona, we train professionals to transform the department that manages a company’s most important resource: people.

Requisitos: Expert and personalised advice on the most highly demanded profiles in the marketplace. We guide you professionally based on your profile and goals in order to help you choose the path with the greatest professional impact.

Para qué te prepara: This programme has been designed to meet all the needs of the HR sector, taking into account the most recent technological and organisational trends and addressing talent attraction, retention and employer branding.

The students in this Master will be able to efficiently tackle the current needs and challenges through the use of strategies that are centred around people and with a clear focus on the achievement of corporate goals, while simultaneously contributing to the development of talent in the human teams they lead.

Certificado: FULL TIME
EAE Business School’s own Master’s Degree in Human Resources and Talent Development and Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya’s (UPC) official Master’s degree in Human Resources and Talent Management.

EAE Business School’s own Master’s Degree in Human Resources and Talent Development and Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya’s (UPC) official Master’s degree in Human Resources and Talent Management.

EAE Business School’s own Master’s Degree in Human Resources and Talent Development and Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya’s (UPC) own Continuing Education Master’s Degree in Human Resources and Talent Development.

Contenido del curso Master in Human Resource


Fundamentals of HR Management - 5 ECTS

  • Fundamentals of Human Resources Management
  • Management Principles
  • Talent management and diversity
  • HR in the VUCA and BANI environments
  • Evolution of the HR function: HR as a strategic partner
  • Culture and climate
  • Agile structure

Global Strategic People Management - 5 ECTS

  • Cultural, digital and energy transformation
  • Concept and traits of HREM
  • Role, process and planning of HREM
  • The HR structure as a strategy: HR Business Partnering
  • HREM in the internationalization strategy


Labor Regulations and The Future of Work - 5 ECTS

  • Regulatory frameworks: international, sectorial and corporate
  • Compliance and rights protection: discrimination, abuse, etc.
  • Hiring, offboarding and collective dismissal policies.
  • XXIst Century's Challenges: Diversity, inclusion, teleworking, data protection, artificial intelligence...

Decision Making in HR: Finances and HR Metrics - 5 ECTS

  • Description of balance sheet, profit and loss accounts, cash flows...
  • Main balance sheet ratios (P&L)
  • HR Budget
  • Financial Metrics for HR
  • Project Finance


Leadership, Team Building and Coaching - 5 ECTS

  • The importance of well-leading people
  • Leadership models
  • Self-knowledge and self-assessment for the development of management skills
  • Persuasive, inspirational and influential communication
  • Teambuilding and high performance teams

Labour Well-being, Change Management and Healthy Organizations - 5 ECTS

  • From salary to compensation
  • Motivation and hygienical salary
  • Job's assessment
  • Competitiveness and external equity
  • Emotional compensation


Labour Cycle Human Capital Management - 5 ECTS

  • Assesment tools: eNPS 
  • Employee Value Proposition (EVP): Welcoming and On-boarding
  • EVP: Talent Development
  • EVP: Dismissal Aapproaches

Talent Management - 5 ECTS

  • Talent and Technology Strategic management
  • Metrics in talent management
  • Tools for talent management
  • Introduction to Data Science and Big Data
  • People analytics: Use for people management and use for strategic alignment

Compensation Systems - 5 ECTS

  • Compensation as a strategic tool
  • Salary structure
  • Remuneration and its regulatory framework
  • Variable retribution in species & flexible


This is far more than just a research project required to gain a Master qualification. It is the optimal time and place to combine all your academic experience, professional ambition, personal vision and creativity. It is your opportunity to put all the knowledge and skills you have acquired into practice and work towards the goals you set yourself.

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